Biologique Recherche facial skincare treatments applied in our Beauty Salon & Spa in Paphos, Cyprus is a combination of a clinical approach to personalized cosmetic treatments. Pure concentrated ingredients, complex formulas, and original carefully designed procedures – when combined forms the basis of the reputation of the effectiveness in the Biologique Recherche Methodology. It implies a shared vision of the skin and body and provides facial, body and hair care.




Methodology – Body

Body treatments provided at our Beauty Salon also consist of three stages, an assessment stage, an initial stage, and a healing stage. Their goal is to treat problems such as cellulite, lack of firmness, stretch marks or the “effect of an orange peel”. Biologique Recherche has developed special skincare products to treat all these problems. These treatments have an instant effect, which you can be seen immediately after the treatment.


Methodology – Hair

Biologique Recherche has applied its 40 years of experience in the treatment of skin problems into developing a special line of products for hair care. Similarly to the face and body treatments, hair care treatments consist of three stages, an assessment stage, an initial stage, and a healing stage, they are used to treat scalp problems (dandruff, lifeless skin, split ends of hair, hair loss and much more) and are suitable for all skin conditions, be it sensitive skin, dry skin or oily.


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At our Beauty & Spa Salon in Paphos we follow the Biologique Recherche Skin Care Methodology.


Our skin reflects on itself all internal and external factors, and it continually changes throughout the day and our lives. Since the skin of each person is individual, and the skin condition varies during the day in different parts of the body in different ways, Biologique Recherche developed methodologies consisting of 3 stages which target the epidermis with an individual skin condition. These stages apply equally to all areas where we perform these procedures, be it face, body skincare or hair skincare, the only thing that changes are the products used in each stage.

The first stage is the assessment stage in which the beautician diagnoses the skin condition and selects the correct procedures and products based on the individual’s client’s skin condition.

Stages of Biologique Recherche Facial Skin Care Treatments

Then it’s time for the initial stage, which is the most active part of the Biologique Recherche Methodology, it uses products containing a high concentration of plant, marine and biological active ingredients that improve the quality of the skin and give it a radiant colour.Stages of Biologique Recherche Facial Skin Care Treatments

The initial stage consists of four stages, during the first stage the skin is cleaned and moisturized with milk rich in active ingredients, this makes the facial treatment procedure productive from its very beginning and forms the basis of the effectiveness of the Biologique Recherche methodology.

As in all subsequent stages, we use appropriate skincare products for each skin condition. Milk removes makeup and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin, making it clean and gentle, and ready to be treated by a lotion. Lotions gently exfoliate the skin, balance excess sebum, moisturize and maintain the PH level of the epidermis. Biologique Recherche lotions are made for every skin condition and are applied depending on the instant skin type and facial routine.

During the treatment in our Spa Salon, the third stage will be applying a booster. This stage lasts 15-20 minutes, and we call these products boosters because they significantly enhance the results of the treatment. Boosters exfoliate, restore the balance and condition of the epidermis combining active ingredients and specialized manual techniques. All products in this stage are used by a Biologique Recherche specialist in our beauty salon in Paphos, Cyprus, where we apply Biologique Recherche techniques. They are not available for the care of the skin at home.Remodeling Face

After that, we move on to applying the mask and, in some cases, to the Co-Factor. The masks are used in the initial stage because they are washed off and optimize the effects of the active ingredients applied at the treatment stage, some of which are activated using the Remodeling Face. 

Remodeling Face is an innovative device developed by Biologique Recherche used during our skincare treatments. Its goal is to prepare the skin for more effective penetration and absorption of active ingredients. Facial Treatments with Remodeling Face ionizes the active ingredients in the applied products, opens the pores for the intake of active ingredients, helps to saturate the skin with oxygen and improves skin’s texture.

Co-Factors are new masks with moisturizing, tonic and firming effects and are professional products that are used only in the beauty salon.

The treatment ends with the healing stage and skin care treatment for acne. It is the most active part of the methodology, the products used in this treatment contain the most highly concentrated plant, bio marine and active biological ingredients with their maximum concentration and focus on the treatment of specific skin problems.

The skincare healing stage

The skincare healing stageThe healing stage also consists of four stages. The first stage is the application of specialized authentic serums. Authentic serums contain only pure, concentrated, active ingredients in the form of amino acids and short peptides with a minimal amount of preservatives, we use them alone or in combination, and their purpose is specific skin imbalances. We use specialized serums for skin that needs special care. They provide instant and long-lasting results, filled with active ingredients obtained using phytobiology and biotechnology. They influence the causes and symptoms observed with skin disorders, to increase its effectiveness and activation of serums applied during the treatment we use a Remodeling Face machine with four types of current (galvanic, mid-frequency, high-frequency and electroporation).

At the next step, we’ll apply the cream. Biologique Recherche developed several types of creams: intensive creams formulated for the skin which needs special care. Basic creams for balancing skin and specific creams for particular areas of the face or an unbalanced skin condition. Finally, we apply the creams for the eye contour to take care of this sensitive area of the face.

The final stage of the treatments ends with the application of the final serums. These Biologique Recherche serums are the most concentrated and complex ones. They complete the care and protect the skin from aggressive external effects. Some also add radiance and colour to the skin creating an excellent foundation for makeup; they can be used daily and for a particular purpose.

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