About our Spa Beauty Salon & Biologique Recherche Skin Care in Cyprus, Paphos.

Christina Korouchtsidi – is beautician and aesthetician certified by Biologique Recherche and she works in Paphos, Cyprus from 2004.
Christina has international qualifications and work experience in the skincare field, she has studied and attended personal workshops from the world’s leading doctors and cosmetologists, only in the last two years in Moscow, Paris, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.
Also, Christina is considered among the best specialists of Biologique Recherche in Cyprus. For that reason each year the company sponsors her education in Ambassade de la Beaute, in Paris.
In our Beauty Salon & Spa in Paphos, we offer all types of Biologique Recherche Facial, Body & Hair Skin Care treatments.
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“Biologique Recherche, for me, is a source of inspiration, a source of my creativity. This is the first cosmetics brand that I truly fell in love with. I have been a cosmetologist for over 15 years, and of course, a lot of cosmetics have passed through my hands and a lot of professional lines. But only Biologique Recherche I can call my assistant, it is my co-author.”



Christina Korouchtsidi.





Biologique Recherche Treatments in Cyprus

The brand Biologique Recherche was established in 1977, and for more than 40 years the company has done a massive amount of researches, some of which were lasting over ten years old (Cream Le Grand), since then the company never stopped developing and improving its personalized skincare methodologies.

The fact that Biologique Recherche has remained true to its original vision for 40 years, its individual skincare approaches and skin-personalized treatments make the brand unique in the world of cosmetology.

Despite the cosmetic products, Biologique Recherche also invented effective methodologies and procedures for the face and body skin care, as an example, the Seconde Peau treatment – “Second Skin”, which was considered a breakthrough in the world of cosmetology, this and other treatments by BR are provided in our Spa & Beauty Salon in Paphos, Cyprus.

The principle on which Biologique Recherche products are based is the combination of natural active ingredients together with high biotechnological innovative ingredients, which gives us a mixture of Nature and Science. The company does not use paraffin, silicone, mineral oils or perfume since there is no perfume or fragrances in the products; all Biologique Recherche products smell like its ingredients. And in order to preserve the active ingredients, the products do not undergo heat treatment.


Vision of skin

Our epidermis is a very thin structure with a thickness of 0.4 mm, it’s purpose is to protect us from external factors such as ultraviolet rays, chemical agents, microorganisms, stress, etc., and because of that, it faces enormous aggression (stress, pollution, CO2 emissions, etc.). Our epidermis takes on all this tension and stress in an attempt to protect our internal environment.

In addition to that, the epidermis and brain come from the same embryonic structure, at the very beginning of embryogenesis the embryo has a surface, this is what we call the neural plate, the central nervous system, spinal cord, and epidermis all form from this neural plate. As a result, we have a very close connection between these organs. The integration of the skin with all the organs of our body is incredible, all the structures of the epidermis communicate with each other, the epidermis with the dermis, the dermis with hypodermis, the hypodermis, the epidermis and the dermis with the rest of the body. Our skin is an amazing organ.

The epidermis is also an incredible informational buffer, our filtration platform if you like, it constantly transfers information from outside and inside our body. If you look at the skin under a microscope, you can see that it looks like a complex combination of many internal resources such as fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin fibres that weave together to form the dermis, which in turn plays a key role in treating signs of ageing (wrinkles).

The skin on our body protects us, as the roof protects the house; if the house has a bad roof, then it will collapse over time. Therefore, it is important to help the skin protect and renew itself; we call it a skin restoration process.



Biologique Recherche – Instant Skin condition

Skin is often mistakenly divided into categories according to its condition (dry, oily, mixed, normal skin). Our skin is the most biodynamic organ in our body; its life cycle is 23-25 days; during our life, our skin is restored more than 900 times. Skin condition depends on Exogenous and Endogenous factors, exogenous is the climate and our lifestyle, Endogenous are our hormones, stress, food, heredity. Therefore, it is completely impossible to place the physiology of the skin in a specific category.

A skin condition is similar to a snapshot. If we analyze your skin condition in the morning when you wake up and then after your workday under the sun or under dry air in an air-conditioned room, it is highly possible that your skin condition will be different as it changes due to the Exogenous and Endogenous factors. For example, in the morning, the skin may be more sensitive and dry, and towards the evening, it will probably be more oily.

Mainly because the condition of your skin is constantly changing, describing its condition, for example, as a dry and prescribing treatment for dry skin will be unrealistic.

At each of your visits to our Spa & Beauty Salon in Paphos, we adjust our treatments based on your instant skin condition. This approach of skincare is probably the most important in the Biologique Recherche concept.


The methodology of Biologique Recherche skincare treatments we use at our Beauty Spa Salon in Pafos.

If you observe the whole treatment from the beginning to the end, you will see that there is progress in the concentration and complexity of the products used.

There are three stages in our treatments, a skin analysis stage, a preparation stage (cleansing, lotions, initial boosters, masks) and a treatment stage (activation of a super booster, specialized serums, creams, final serums).

The preparation stage is the most important stage, and it lasts longer than the treatment stage, it begins with cleansing and exfoliating the skin, and stimulating the epidermis. At the treatment stage, we nourish the skin and focus on specific areas of the face, at the end of the procedure we use final serums which are extremely complex products in terms of their biological extracts and biotechnological components, by this step we’re giving to your skin a final touch.

For treatments of Biologique Recherche in Cyprus which are done in our Beauty and Spa salon in Paphos, please call Christina Korouchtsidi (+357) 96505393.

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